Shatter cap for Frost Mage

Hello everyone. The other day i’ve done some sim for my frost mage with and without the Gearing strategy V2 and what i’ve seen is that the shatter cap isnt taken to account. Is there a way to input the 33,33% crit (which is the shatter cap) some where so that the gearing strategy takes it in count? What i would like to do is that the sim starts to put points in the to other stats after reaching the shatter cap. Hope i’ve explained myself well :D.

If you are using stat weights, you can enter a cap into the weights by entering the rating on gear you want to achieve.

For this case, were you using stat weights or machine learning? If you were using machine learning and it was going above the shatter cap, that is ok, since machine learning implicitly takes into account any sort of cap. Crit does have value even above the shatter cap.

I’d have to see your gearing strategies and specific character export to give more detailed ideas on what is happening.

Thank you for your fast response. Im using Learning Machine (i find it more accurate). The crit value doesnt go over the shatter cap, its way way under it. here’s one of my sims:

And here is one done using BETA Strategy V2.:

If im right, the crit should be around 11000 for ilvl 900. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

So it seems like your assumption is that stacking crit to the shatter cap is the most optimal solution.

But, when you run the gearing strategy, we see that maybe that is not the most optimal solution!

We can do a spot check to see. Here is your character’s DPS with the gear you had on when you made the gearing strategy:

And here it is if we shift the stats around to what the gearing strategy recommends:

Almost identical DPS. This shows that there is going to be a range of optimal stat allocations. You want a lot of Crit… but you don’t necessarily have to be at the shatter cap. You can have less and put those stats into Haste and do just as much DPS.

We have an update to the UI in the works to help show that machine learning finds a range of optimal stat allocations, not just one.

Also getting to the shatter cap at the expense of haste isnt ideal. Both crit and haste usually need to be balanced within reason.

Thanks you for your answer. Dont get me wrong,i love your work but im trying to understand why does Learning Machine says what is says before changing my stuff. I redid some sims and the dps difference between Leaning Machine and the idea of hitting the shatter cap its almost insignificant, so i guess we’re both right :grinning:.

After this been solved i’ve tried the relic custom batch and i got this:

So i changed my relics with the ones that the sims says its better and got this:

Then i’ve changed the “clarity” one with an “let it go” one and got this:

My initial dps with my actual relics is this:

Soo, im wondering why the custom batch says that 2xclarity is the best when the sims says othewise?

Sorry if im asking too many questions and poking around :smiley: