Shopping list shows needed items even for enchantments I have


I’m trying to use AMR to put together a shopping list of items I need for xyz enchants. When I send data from AMR to the addon, my shopping list works, but it also gives ingredients needed for enchants I already have. Can this be fixed, or do I need to turn off all my current enchantments and then re-send from AMR to the addon?


It’s possible that for WoW Classic the shopping list for enchants might not work as well… I may need to do some updates to it.

In BfA (and many of the expansions before that) you can create an item that can be used to apply the enchant. That is what we check for to determine if you have the enchant. But that probably won’t work in Classic because many enchants are spells that need to be cast directly on the item.

I’ll give it some thought and look into it.