Showing multiple crafted items in optimizer as well as BiS

The optimizer as well as BiS shows multiple crafted items in slots, although according to Blizz you can only equip one crafted item. It will show a crafter’s mark of the first ones as well as the crafter’s mark iv item. ie. on my Paladin it will show an iL 262 ring as well as an iL233 ring to be equipped, both of mastery. This is not possible with both items being unique equipped items.

It was my understanding that the mark iv items don’t share the same unique constraint as the mark of the first one items, similar to the previous tier where mark of the chained had a unique constraint, but mark iii did not.

Same as far as constraints. The Mark IV does not show “unique equipped” and then certain crafted base items that you are going to modify with that mark iv are not “unique equipped”. I just went through a lengthy ticket with the “gamemasters” with no resolution. The funny thing is one toon has quite a few of the item level 233 rings/neck/trinket equipped, and yet they all say ‘unique equipped’. Of course i got the canned answer of “working as intended” from the prols answering the ticket.

Anyhow, thanks for updating the optimizer, it now doesn’t show that ring I crafted as being equipable when I have another 233 iL piece or 262 on.