Showing Old Gear

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is: In the upgrade finder it is showing gear that I had on my character a long time ago, not what I currently have equipped. How do I update this to reflect upgrades to my current gear?

Are you importing afresh from the in-game add-on and is the version you’re using up to date?
You also may need to open all your characters’ bank tabs to make sure that what’s being shown as upgrades isn’t still in your bank.

For peace of mind:
Open all your bags, incl. bank ones.
Access all your characters’ spec.'s that you use.

Also, while you’re on the AMR page for the character concerned, do a Ctrl+F5 to hard clear the cache that’s held for them.
Once that’s done - bear with me - delete all gear sets in the character tab (in game) & re-export the data-string to here & re-run BiB… then run Upgrade finder.

If that’s still the same, at the top of the BiB or Upgrade finder, you’ll see a Help button… use that to generate a character snapshot that can be published/posted in a reply so that others can use it to get exactly what you see so that they can try to replicate what you see to help ‘debug’/assist you better.

A few notes on that, it’s actually a bit simpler to update all your saved data:

  • You don’t have to open each bank bag – just open the main bank, and then the addon can read all the contents of your bank and its bags.

  • You don’t need to delete your gear sets in the addon, those would not impact what data the website sees available for optimizations.

Hi Yellowfive
I have done exactly what you have said to do and finally got the 2 trinket removed fro the gear list on the website but now the problem is this when i import from the addon to the website it shows what I have for gear correctly but when I do BiB it doesn’t show my trinkets also when i do the export to the addon it shows the old trinkets still here’s the character snapshot
also is there anyway to clear the imports to the addon
Thanks in advance Charles aka Findstewie

AMR does not consider your trinkets when optimizing because those are not intended to be used by your class/spec and have absolutely no relevant effect for your character. In essence it’s the same as if you didn’t have any trinkets equipped at all.
One of your trinkets is intended for tanks while the other only affects physical damage and both trinkets will only increase Strength and Agility but not Intellect which would be the stat you want as a mage.

For that reason AMR just completely ignores them when optimizing gear to not unnecessarily inflate the required computation time.

Mystic Bulwark Compendium is, indeed, for Tanking… Unique Equip aside, try Higher Compendium of Storms.