Sim Client Not Running

I have adjusted my sim client settings, but the sim client is using 0% of my CPU and my currently queued batch sim is taking hours and still hasn’t finished. The client says that it is running the sim, but 0.00% CPU usage. I have double checked my sim client settings and it should be using 8 Threads (Confirmed on the client as well). WHY?

Report Name: 2e49f45dfd54459fac4a65278a639e13

I cleared my queue and verified that my client started with nothing trying to run. Then, recreated the batch sim with the same result. It shows on my client as running, but 0.00% CPU usage when it should be using 8 threads.

New Report: 046829fd505f4cc7b11c4fbbeb07d90d

When you go to the simulator client web page, does it say your client is connected at the bottom of the page?

Looks like somehow your client isn’t picking up your simulations… I just tried a few to double check that the system as a whole is functioning, didn’t see any problems running my own simulations.

If you try e.g. just a quick single simulation, does that make it to your client?

I see 1 client connected and it says that it is running the sim. I cleared the queue and completely removed the client. Re-downloaded the client and settings. Ran a single sim and it worked as expected. Ran a batch sim and it finally worked as expected.

It was showing the sim as “Running”, but it never got to the “Processing” part to actually do the work.

Seems to be working now.

I have tried to run SIM’s today and it goes to the qued up screen and just stays there. I hit the refresh on the screen (not the browser) and nothing happens.