Sim gear database

How did you get all the stats correct for the gear with different ilevels. Wowhead and wowdb are out on the stats by 1 when you change the ilvl but you appear to be spot on the values.

On the wow tools website you get values for the stats that are in the thousands.

For example, 184736 or Robe of the March Warden. Is ilvl 85 the stats are, 5259, 7889, 3850 and 3150.

The codes are for intel, stam, mastery and haste.

Did you convert then from the db or did you work it out some other way (datamined via addon or armory)? Would be interest how you did it.

Do you have anything against me manually datamining the gear stats from your website?

Getting the exact stats on gear is a little bit of a pain, though it is a solved problem. Wowhead is probably off by 1 in some cases because in 9.0.5 Blizzard changed how they were rounding a bunch of the calculations (again). It’s actually much simpler now.

That aside, us, wowhead, wowdb, simulationcraft – have all figured out how to calculate item stats from the raw game data. It’s not that hard but it is a bit tedious. We all use the raw game data mined from the client – the exact same data that you see on the wow tools website (very useful site for people working on their own projects).

We would prefer that you don’t run scrapers and the like on our site (it’s too easy to accidentally flood a server with such a program), and it would be tough to get a list of all available items from our site.

If you’re working on a project of your own, we would suggest using wow tools (you can download the game tables as convenient csv files), or simulationcraft (an open source simulation program) as a source of item data.

Thank you, I wont run a scraper on your website. The way I have worked it out would not have a issue with a rounding but requires me to know the ingame stam for each ilvl.

Take 203 ilvl. This is not a data point it have but ingame its 112 stam.

To work this out I had to do a Cubic spline interpolation. Basically there is an exp that needs working out. I graphed it

So on my graph I enter the 112 stam for x, I then get 8.286810-1 or 0.82868. This allows me to work it out.

So for ilvl 85 its 7889 stam in the database and the exp is EXP(0.8929875) or 2.442415. Thus I get, 37.99999 in excel. 7889/85/EXP(0.8929875) = 37.99 or 38 stam as per the websites which is why the websites being wrong is a problem.

So for ilvl 203 and stam 112. Its 7889/85/0.82868=111.99 stam. 'So in the wow tool item db its 7889 for stam for an ilvl of 85. The value for stam has to be correct for this to work.

This method sucks and will likely change for every stat. Once you have the exp table you can create the stam value for any ilvl. Just wondering what method you were using. I have just done all this so its not fully checked. It works on two cloth chest items. One ilvl 85 in the db and the other ilvl 203 ingame. Hopefully its useful.

On for 203 ilvl the stam is 111. Ingame its 112. By my method its 112 even with the website data being a part of my graph.

Note I completed the above after talking to you. Going to load up wow and use to ingame raid game to add values to the table I have and see if the above holds out.

Stamina is a bit weird.

The budget comes from this table:

The ID is the item level. EpicF[0-4] correspond to the different “size” items, with 0 being the largest, like a chest piece.

You would multiply that budget by the allocation, e.g. by 0.7889 for stamina in your case.

But stamina has an extra modifier that increases the value as a function of ilvl with an additional multiplier. You can find that multiplier here:

There is a similar multiplier for rating stats like haste, mastery, etc. I can’t remember the name of the file off the top of my head… but it is similarly stored in a text file in the raw data like the stamina one.

Thank you very much, I was searching the whole db for information. There is so many entries., I was searching all day for any information.

The issue I have is I am using the mathematics on this website but using a log. Thus I need a db of items. The wow event log gives the information about the item id and the ilvl but not clear item stats. Wowtools provides csv files with the information I need but there is no complete guide for how the db is used. Its left me searching everywhere for information. I was able to find enough for the item ID’s and names. Found the stats and the codes for what each stat is but no idea how the numbers for the item stats were handled. Or were in the db to look.

Thanks again for your reply.