Sim is broken with enchant weapon

ORDER don’t work with second weapon! Why at second order I must reenchant?!

I need you to post a snapshot - use the help link that you see right above the gear table. These screenshots aren’t enough information to answer your question.

Snapshot ID: 261bbee5e25442d1b321da61779c7832
3 setup want reenchant weapon in 2 setup…its BUG. Order dont matter.

This is what I see when I load your snapshot:

If you check setup 3 you will see what setup 3 want reenchant weapon. But why setup 3 has more priority? Setup 2 must have most priority with enchant than setup 3.
8 months ago this function worked correctly!

You have two of those weapon (with different random stats). Your 3rd setup is using a different weapon, so it is free to enchant it however it wants.

No, its same weapon)

You second setup is using Mawsworn Assassin’s Twinblade of the Fireflash in the off hand.

Your third set up is using Mawsworn Assassin’s Twinblade of the Aurora in the off hand.

The second setup is all offense, so the Force enchant is chosen. The third set up is all defense, so the Vigor enchant is chosen.