Sim much slower than a couple months ago and barely uses my CPU despite the settings

Evening, i saw with a google search that others had this issue but wanted to ask.

Basically a couple months ago i did some 10k sets sim, it took 2-3 hours i dont remember the exact time but somewhere before January.

Smaller sims, like up to 200 would take barely a minute, maybe two.

This is on Protection Warrior.

CPU was properly used, fan running 100% etc.

Lately, i am not sure if its the last month or longer whenever i sim something, even when selecting “Max” every time to make sure it doesnt bug or something, sims take forever, CPU barely used compared to before.

Therefor the sims take forever, or well even 300 sims take something like 10-15minutes.

But as i said, CPU barely seems to be getting used compared to the usage a few months back were i could clearly see, and hear (loud fan:D) the CPU working.

I’m not sure what would be stopping the simulator from utilizing your CPU…

@yellowfive would be the one who might be able to help you with this.

Has anything about your computer changed at all?

Can you link one of the batches with e.g. 300 sims that took longer than expected? I can try re-running it on my own machine and see if something is up.

I rerun a few tests cause when i posted this it was because it was taking too long on a friends PC.

I5 6500 etc.

Today after going to set the threads to 8, and then clicking the “Max” again in case something bugged or whatever, it took 64 seconds for ~300 that seemed much faster and reasonable.

I dont know maybe something bugged with the threads earlier? But because i simmed multiple times and different things i am 100% sure i aint crazy and awhile ago the sims did slow down like it was ignoring my “Max” setting and only using some of the CPU.

As example today it used 75-100% (Was logged into WoW so), while for the sims i am talking about at the first thread the max i saw the CPU go for amr was 59%.