Sim Mythic + Setting

Hello, everyone, I have simed my WW monk with the m + setting. Now, however, a significantly higher dps comes out there than I play myself. my rotation is correct so far and also matches the result. The view / edit function says „moving? no“. does that mean that you can just stand still in the sim? in the realy m + you have to move around a lot. explosive earthquake, etc. to compare I once simed with raidbots. that fits so far. Can you help me? thanks :slight_smile:

The mythic+ script is a theoretical tool - it doesn’t model an exact dungeon’s pulls. The point of it is to be representative of a mythic+ situation so that you can use it to compare gear. It is unlikely you will get an absolute DPS number that matches your exact in-game situation.

The simulation has you move between short pulls, but there isn’t loss of uptime on the enemies during each pull.

It is possible to script the simulator to do more complicated pulls with specific timing and movement, but it is non-trivial to do so. We have found that this script is good for picking gear in a mythic+ situation. Some players who push very high keys and need very specific strategies might need their gear to deviate some from this simulation, but that is not the experience of the majority of players.