Sim not working

Does anyone else also having problem with running sim? It doesnt work from morning, it keep saying “queued” but it doesnt refresh. Even pressing refresh button doesnt help.

I checked and just now I was able to run simulations using my own client and just using the public site.

Are you using your own client? Are there any error messages anywhere?

Saw the same issue on the server. I was able to simulate from my local client though.

Is anything getting blocked perhaps? If you wait a bit and manually refresh the page, does the simulation eventually finish?

I’ve got the same problem. Was simming fine earlier (today), now it’s stuck on queue. How do you run locally?

I’m running into this as well, with multiple characters.

I looked into it – looks like one of the servers went down for a while – it is back up and should be caught up on the queue now.