Sim report data

Last expansion when you did a simulation, single or batch, the report page would tell you which script it used, both for character and scenario. Now it’s only doing it for the single simulations.
I did this talent combo earlier but it doesn’t tell me which script it was done with. At least not that I can obviously see. It also doesn’t tell me which version of the wiki it was using.

In this case I know as I only did one, but I’ve set a few to run overnight and then I come back and can’t remember which version of what was in each tab!

So could you please add that data to the report for custom batches please?

If I had to guess, it was done this way because you can do a batch with different scripts in the same batch. For now at least, you can add a column for the script names (boss/rotation/etc), which is what I’ve been doing to keep it all straight.

Click on the “customize” and then you can add a column for Rotation and Boss to see this for each row. Like Tabu34 said: we do it like this because rotation and boss are parameters that can be varied in the simulation batch.

I see.
It didn’t occur to me to look for those things in that filter.