Simcraft or askmrrobot

Hello, are askmrrobot’s suggestions more reliable than simcrafting my character? Cause i encounter different suggestions now and then.

Usually the differences between what the optimizer says and a simulator will be very minor – slightly different models of the game producing slightly different results, that would be very hard to tell the difference in-game.

In general, we prefer ranking gear via our optimizer. We actually plan to write up a blog post soon that explains the real difference between our approach and straight-up simulation.

We also use our own simulator (Not Available) instead of simulationcraft. For 95% of cases the two simulators will give you the same results, but we prefer our simulator because it can do a few things that simc can’t. You can use our simulator directly to try out different combinations of gear, but in practice, we find that the gear optimizer gives you the exact same answer in a fraction of the time.