Simcraft/raidbots VS askmrrobot sims

I am just now getting into mythic raiding and looking at different sims and all their variations is getting overwhelming.

Askmrrobot has been my go to for a long time now for best in bags gear but my issue has always been that there should be a 4-set priority and have recently found that with RAIDBOTS, along with a lot of other granular settings.

I like how both work with PAWN which makes things a lot easier.

latest results show that vastly different results however which is maddening.

Which is best?? ShowBox

These are great questions, and there’s a lot of info out there that can be overwhelming. When it comes to gear and stat recommendations, Best in Bags really is your best bet. Here’s the short story:

  1. Stat weights only rank stats - it isn’t able to rank azerite powers, trinket procs, etc.
  2. Stat weights don’t tank into account ratios of stats on your gear, which is always more optimal than following simple stat weights.
  3. Stat weights don’t analyze all of your gear at the same time - it doesn’t know what combination is best. That’s why Best in Bags is the ideal solution: it looks at all of your gear and finds the best set, based on simulations that we’ve already done.
  4. You can sim every item you have to find your best gear - if you had just 3 items per slot to look at, that would be about 5 million combinations of gear. It would take about 25 billion ‘iterations’ to do that. If each of the 5 million combos took 1 second to sim, it would take 55 days to finish. That’s why we do the simulation for you, across thousands of computers, and apply some machine learning, in order for Best in Bags toevaluate every combination of items that you have.

One thing you’ll see going forward for our site (that we started doing in legion): all of our gear and stat recommendations are based on sims that we’ve already done for your character. It’s that simple - we do the work to save you time.

Here’s a few blog posts that might interest you:

To speak more specifically to the 4-set locking:

1.) That won’t be relevant moving into BfA, so we sort of don’t have to worry much about it.
2.) If you force it, then you are telling the optimizer: I don’t care if my score is lower, give me the 4 set. That’s fine, but, in that case you are accepting what is possibly a lesser result.

Look for our “adaptive strategies” to be finished right around Uldir launch. Those are what really pick the gear very well for you. Simulating everything yourself is unnecessary once those are finished and live on the site. You can use any gear suggestion those give and raid at any level.

My opinion both are good, I use both for my main character, which I raid on and understand the best, raidbots / simcraft does much better due to it’s detailed reports and overall deeper customization options. For alts I don’t (nor intend to) understand that well, a quick export and optimize done in AMR works wonders, and more often than not it’ll get the stats priority and most out of the gear you have available right, you can always go back to simcraft and min max it there, then the RRB

Not sure if you have used the AMR simulator much, but to the best of my knowledge, the AMR simulator is far more customizable than anything else out there. You should check it out if you are into simulation – you can run very advanced batches of simulations, and you can run an unlimited number of simulations for free.

Choose “Test Combinations”, and you will get a UI that lets you try any combination of talents, gear, azerite powers, stats, parameterized boss script options, etc. Then it produces a report that you can customize: you can change which columns are visible, sort it, do some simple transformations on the data, or just download the results as a csv to do your own analysis.