Simming Flashpoint

Hi -

Is there some way to adjust the assumed uptime for Flashpoint (or any proc) for a sim?

Flashpoint in particular assumes 20%, but plenty of fights where you can easily get 80%+. Would really like to be able to see the differences.

There would be a couple ways to do it - one would be to make a custom script with target(s) that you could put immolate on and proc it more often. You could give the mobs very high health to emulate mobs that don’t take damage.

You could also clone the whole theorycraft wiki and create a private version for yourself. Then you could edit the azerite trait to proc if the target is above, say, 30% health instead of 80% to kind of hack in a higher uptime if you wanted. That would be pretty artificial, though. The custom script route would probably be best.

Thanks. The second hackey method is enough to give me a ballpark. I took a look at creating a custom script and that seems more involved. Will dig into it a bit another day.