Simple Question (bad english sorry)

Hello, i dont understand if i am unholy dps why it want me to dress an tank trinket with absorb and much lesser STR then dps trinket with more STR ? I dont know how to upload screenshot here:

String is here:

To the right of BiB is a Help button. Please click here & make Snapshot ID so better help can be given.

Usually this is because you have your tank set as a higher priority than your dps set. In your list of specs on the left, make sure Unholy is at the top of the list.


From Snapshot you give, you can do this:

Then Remote Guidance Device gets used, for Unholy.

so Green color on ilvl means i have to chose self?

No; what I did was to click the Swedish O on the right to exclude the item that you do not want to use, then - as you only have 2 items left - they get chosen.

Wenn du Deutsch bist, ist mein geschriebenes Deutsch nicht gut genug, um es besser zu erklären. (Google Übersetzer)

Why would putting the tank spec on top cause it to recommend a tank trinket in DPS spec?

The spec on top will be optimized for azerite, essences, gems and enchants, but I can’t see why it should use the trinkets from that spec in other specs.

Just depends on the item levels of items. Sometimes people only have one high item level choice for azerite. If your choice is between an item with the wrong traits that is 45 ilvls above an item with the right traits - item level might end up mattering more.

But he was talking about a trinket…