Simple vs Complex Rotations

I took a look at people’s preferences for simple vs complex rotations. I also talk about how much of a DPS difference you can expect between the two.

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Will AMR step into providing those rotations? Or is this simply an interesting observation? I’ve had trouble finding a viable solution; rotation addons are often out of date or missing specs, and guides are fairly hit and miss.

I’d love to see someplace that keeps up-to-date rotations across all specs with a higher degree of uniformity and accuracy and keeps it somewhat simple.

Yes - we plan to put a lot of work into offering people consistent and clear rotation options for different levels of play :slight_smile:


Oh gods I <3 you guys.

I know this is an older thread, but I think it is an important one. Nothing drives me more crazy than exactly this topic. I most times will sim my characters and adjust my talents to reach the peak dps. I will then try the build for a few kills. Most if not every time I do this, I have to dial it down via passive talent points for me to be able to be efficient. I have not enjoyed running dungeons since the switch from rotations to priorities back before Burning Crusade was released. I have mental disabilities which prevent me from processing information quick enough for the priority system. Due to this, the least amount of buttons I need to click on, the more enjoyable my gaming experience. Now sometimes, mostly because of a quest, I will need to run a dungeon or a raid. Once in a while though, because I do not run the min/max build, I find myself defending why I am unable to use the expected cookie build and more often than not, I find myself being kicked out of the raid. Not so much for the 5 man dungeons, but mainly the raids.


It is (sorry for my wording) fucking shit that you have to deal with that, people kicking you for not using the “perfect” talents, which are then also based on some random theory crafters personal opinions…
Disgusting that people do that to you!

That said, if by any chance you play Alliance-EU, I can offer you to join my raiding/pugging community. We are casual, yet tend to get good results and help a lot of people get AotC!
Let me know if you are interested and I will get you the info you need, we would love to have you for our normal team and if you manage to do well enough with the build you prefer, maybe even higher then that!

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