Simulate finding best setbonus combo

We need it to include the setbonus when finding best in bags. I do want to “lock” and item in its spot. It should find the best combo simulating all possible combinations including the T19 2set/4set and T20 2set/4set.
We all have a mix of those pieces and also some non-set higher itemlevel pieces.
So do I break my 4 set to gain 20 itemlevels? or not. Or 50 itemlevels? Or breaking it to get a BiS legendary.
Thats the task dear Mr. Robot :slight_smile:
That means that it takes all combinations of gear and run a simulated fight with each combo. Then it will be up to me to have only the gear in question in my bags, to keep time down. I.e. only healing legendaries for healing and visa versa.
If it can already do that then please enlighten me :slight_smile:

You can certainly run this set of simulations already if you would like.

Go to the simulator page, load up your character. Then in the “Sim Type” picker, choose Custom. A bunch of options appear.

Choose “try combos” for the Items option. Then click the button by a slot, it brings up a list. At the top is a checkbox to filter to just gear in your bags. Check the checkbox to the right of each item you want to try, do that for each slot.

Be careful though! It is very easy to make an extremely large batch of simulations. You will need the client program to run this simulation on your own computer as well, since large batches can take a lot of processing power.

Thx for fast reply
So after some tries I am not convinced it really understands the setbonus.
The monk T19 setbonus for brewmaster is a 1 sec cd reduction on brews everytime you use Tiger Palm. That is huge.
And the NpS are too close for it to be right. It is 0.07% difference from breaking the 4set bonus with a piece 15 levels higher.

Testing the setbonus isolated.
Using the box with the setbonus, I can see a bigger difference from 0 to 2set. But that is just a static bonus.
From 2 to 4 there is close to zero difference so unless I am doing something wrong it does not understand what the setbonus does.
Then I try running 2 single run simulations to see the difference with or without the 4set bonus. Choosing another gear piece very close in itemlevel the difference is so close (0.04%) that it is clear it does not understand the setbonus.

All set bonuses for all specs are implemented in the simulator as far as I know – did you look at some of the data generated by the simulation to verify that it was actually functioning? e.g. if a set bonus lowers CD on brews, do you see it using more brews? That’s the best way to verify that a set bonus is doing what you expect.

Also, what settings did you use to simulate? Is your NPS really high (e.g. around 450k), and your death chance near zero? If so, pretty much nothing will be worth much of anything… gear that makes you tougher will diminish in value very quickly as you out-gear content, to the point that it is barely noticeable.

Yes it makes sense now. Raising the difficulty level did the trick :slight_smile:
It is really useful now. Finally I get a real answer instead of just guessing. It even ended up breaking the t19 2set so apparently I get higher nps from higher level gear than the 5% extra stagger. And the t19 4set wasn’t so valuable afterall. Apparently it is better to mitigate the damage before it ends up in the stagger pool.
The difference is huge, I go from 365 to 391 using different combos of 5 T19 and 3 T20. So again thanks for helping me getting the exact best combo :slight_smile: