Simulate Gear with or without Corruption

Is there a way to simulate what effect removing corruption from a piece of gear will have? I’ve got 2 of the same 2 handed weapon, both with the same iLvl and corruption but equipping them both puts me way over what I want for corruption totals. I’d like a way to see how 1 of the weapons, once purified of corruption, would compare to other weapons I already have.

You could do a quick test with the simulator, or you could use the upgrade finder corruption effect ranking to get an idea of how valuable the corruption effect on your weapon is by itself.

We’re still thinking about a feature for evaluating cleansed versions of items. We’ll probably look into that next week.

The simulator worked fairly well. I used a weapon with same iLvl and very similar stats and that gave me what I was looking for. Thanks!

Note that you can also modify most items to a version that is not corrupted. For example:

Here I had an item equipped with Echoing Void, so I clicked the down arrow to the left of the item level in the list to bring up the item editor. Then I picked “None” from the corrupted bonus list. Click Apply and it will modify the item, you’ll see it “flash” briefly in the list. Then click the item in the list to equip the non-corrupted version.