Simulating Individual M+ Dungeons possible?

Just a quick question.

Assuming I’m not blind and there’s not already a way to sim for specific dungeons right now, is it something that has been considered in the past?
I think it would be really useful especially for some Mythic Plus players (especially the higher tier players) to be able to minmax their gear, talents, essences etc. per dungeon.
Simming for each dungeon individually could let tanks know if they need to gear up more for physical / magical damage, and could drastically change the results of how much multi target dps damage dealers will cap out at, or could show how healers might have to select their talents to lean more towards multi target healing than single target, if there is a lot of trash which use random- target abilities.

Theoretically that should be somewhat possible depending on the maximum “combat” duration allowed on AMR - but you’d have to create a completely custom “boss script” (e.g. the current “Mythic+” script) for that which perfectly matches the dungeon and how your specific group plays it. This comes down to every single enemy and how long they’re alive, how big your pulls are, how long you’re taking between pulls, individual cd usage, and even your group setup because of reliability and amount of interrupts or cc and so on.

This means that such a specific simulation can only apply to your exact group and only if you play that instance exactly that way. As soon as you deviate from the plan, that data will no longer be as perfect as you might want it to be and the default “Mythic+” strategy should be close enough to give decent and reliable info.

I’d guess someone from the AMR team might have a few more thoughts on that though - there’s probably a lot of things I’m missing. :wink:

Due to the ridiculous amount of data necessary it’s not possible to create a custom gearing strategy with that script so you’d be limited to directly comparing specific gear setups though…

It’s possible. We don’t have a limit on simulation length. Longer simulations actually reduce variance a lot. I think you’d find that when you simulate an entire dungeon the differences between great will become smaller.

Asashdor gave you the general idea. You will have to create a custom script with all the pulls how you want them. The script editor is pretty hard to use right now, it’s on our list to improve, but we can help you if you want to tackle it!

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Thanks for the info guys.
I don’t think I’m really savvy enough to make scripts for that sort of thing yet, I just wanted to get an opinion. I appreciate it would probably be a lot of work to add and people might end up still just simulating for general mythic plus usage rather than individual dungeons to save themselves the hassle :slight_smile: