Simulating My Artifact Weapon?

I am a research scientist. I love Ask Mr Robot for the feeling of accuracy he gives me while playing WoW. I come to Mr Robot every time I get a new item to find out if I should equip it. As a person deeply committed to the game, I like to just immerse myself into the role playing and Mr Robot allows me to do that. I am not interested in the bones of the game as that would detract from the immersive experience I want. I am writing because I want to find out how to spend my Artifact Power. I have all three Relics, and maxed out the Ranks on my original 18 Traits, on T’uure. Now I have four new Traits, and a refunded 43 million Artifact Power. The Ask Mr Robot Simulator says, “Make sure to set stuff appropriately under ‘More Options’ before starting” I have absolutely no idea what any of those item are. My hope is that someone here will tell me that I do not need to know, and that Mr Robot has my (woefully ignorant) back. I am running the simulation.

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I assume you are doing a “7.2 Artifact Path” simulation type?

The main thing of importance under “More Options” would be the consumables such as flask, food, potion, augment rune. Set it to what you typically have active when you play. Everything else you can just leave at the default value, should work just fine.