Simulation Client not working

This is what the executable is telling me:

Ask Mr. Robot client version 1126 loaded.

There was an unexpected error on the server. Please contact technical support if this problem persists.

Press any key to exit.

I’ve already tried deleting the whole application, re-downloading it, and logging back in, but it brings me right back here.

Help please.

You get this error immediately after trying to logging in? Are you using the windows exe, or the version where you install .net core yourself?

Are you logging in with your username, or your email address? (You need to use your username with the client.)

Downloaded it from
I’m logging in with my username. Initially, I got the menu to choose what mode I wanted, etc. but after that it sometimes says it will try again in a few minutes but then returns with the error.

Could be some kind of connection issue between you and one of the servers for the simulator… do you block anything with a firewall or proxy or anything like that?