Simulation never runs, stuck in queued

Title. Anything i can do to solve it?

Do you have your client running?

Had it running all day, yeah. Nothing happening.

Have you tried closing your client and then starting it back up again? And then re-queuing the simulation?

I’m having the same problem. I’ve been running a custom batch sim for talent simulations. It’s been running all day but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I’ve cleared queue and exited (also closed all AMR tabs just to be sure). When I reopened the sim automatically started rerunning. I then deleted the client and reinstalled. After set up the sim still ended up rerunning and continues to be stuck.

I have an update going out tonight that should make the “clear queue” command more robust – when that update goes out, try it again, see if it clears out the simulation and you can start a new one.

Thank you, it finally stopped running when I cleared the queue. Thanks for all the hard work.