Simulation not finishing

Global Network does not work. I cant simulate my own Setup.

That is running one of your own simulations.

No there is no progress since 2 hours
hey, i have a balance druid. thx

i cant create a new post in this topic

No one cant help me? I simulate the Setup for 6h and it doesn`t do something. :frowning:
I pay for Premium and i cant use this simulation? There are new Bosses and i cant create a gearing strategy for my char.

What class and spec are you simulating? A few people have had problems with gearing strategies not finishing.

We aren’t going to be around much to answer questions this weekend, but give us some more info and we will get back to you sometime early next week.

Why the simulation process sill not finish and the figure keeps increasing (from1895)?

My character is Windwalker Monk.

I have been having similar problems since yesterday simulating all specs as a hunter.

I have moved these to a new topic, as they are not related to the global network.

I am going to be updating how the progress reporting is handled – the counter is getting out of sync sometimes. It will eventually finish though, just have to let your clients finish working on it. Gearing strategies can take a long time for some specs.

now i got this error

Ask Mr. Robot client version 384 loaded.
User bergbube connected.
Running in Normal performance mode.
Global Network is disabled.
Press any key to open the main menu at any time.

Running simulation aed86f07988241bc9ec853ed4df9614d, chunk 16

aed86f07988241bc9ec853ed4df9614d Error

You might need to clear your queue and start whatever sims were running again – we did an update last night that fixed a few issues.

I cleared the queue but and get the update but the simulation doesn`t word. I have ne installed the programm but it doesn´t word. Every time there comes this error message

What version does your client say it is?

385 and now the simulation works :slight_smile: