Simulation only uses one worker


I hope someone can explain the simulation client to me.

I want to run a huge batch of simulations (aprox. 200k) so I was using the client. I read the Forum guide on how to setup everything but I still seem to miss something.

For settings I used: Batch, Threads: 1 ( so max. available) but when I start the application it says only
1 worker(s) with 8 Threads being used. The guide however says that “batch” will utilize multiple workers.
Is there only one CPU working ? When I set Threads to 16, which is 2x the available threads , it says 2 worker(s) with 8 Threads.

And thats what I dont get if I try to run simulations it would need ~90hrs to complete which is obviously crazy.

So I hope someone can give me an insight of what I’m missing :wink:

If you set threads to 1, it will only try to use one thread. So you would definitely need to set it higher. If you set it to 16, it will make 2 workers with 8 threads each, as you saw.

What kind of processor does your computer have? A batch with 200k setups is going to take a long time unless you have a really beefy computer or multiple computers.

In the Tutorial and on the Website it says that setting threads to 1.0 will use 100% of the available threads so it used 1 worker with 8 Threads.

My processor: Intel Core I7-6700K with (8 CPUs)

Even though its a lot of setups to simulate, I think that 90hrs is way too long. Thats why I think there is something im doing wrong

OK, that is a 4-core processor (4 physical, 8 virtual), a couple generations old.

Running one 8-thread worker will probably get you close to 100% CPU utilization. If you want to try and push it a bit higher, you could enter e.g. 12 threads, which would cause it to run two workers with 6 threads each.

You could also try switching between server and workstation GC mode (as described in the manual) if you want to try and get a little more speed – may or may not help with a 4-core.

That said, a single 4-core computer will take a very long time to run 200,000 simulations – it also depends on your simulation settings too: which spec, script, error target, etc. It could certainly take 90 hours depending on what you have chosen.