SimulationCraft Export

Mr. Robot used to have to option to export to SimulationCraft. It just generated some formatted text I could copy/paste into Simc. But (I think) since you include your own Simulations this has been removed. Would be nice to still have that option. I just prefer SimCraft over Mr.Robots simulations (sorry). Would be nice to have that feature back.

To each their own.

Our simulator does everything simc does and more. We will not be adding an export.

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I can imagine SimC users starting to use Mr.Robot more because of that feature. But it’s not my call of course.

Anyway, at least bring back the ‘Simulate this setup’ button. When I make some customisations in the Optimize section I want to Sim the difference. But whatever gear setup I pick when I click the Simulate button it just ignores whatever I picked. I don’t want to go to multiple pages just to set up a simulation. I just want to click ‘Sim this’ and pick a script (ST, Taloc, Zul) and that’s it.

On the simulator page, there is an option to use the gear from one of your cached setups in the optimizer. It is at the bottom of the “Create Setup” section.

You mean the Choose a cached optimizer setup dropdown menu that is empty? That’s not working for me (Sarari on MacOS).
But even if it was working it requires too many steps. I equip a different weapon in the optimiser and want to sim that setup quickly is quite a hassle. A ‘sim this setup’ button would be so good to have. I really hope you will consider that.

It shouldn’t be empty… as long as you have optimized your character at least once. It will load a list of all the saved setups for your character (best in bags setups, best in slot). Then you can just leave the simulator page open, and choose from that list and press load after any time you optimize. It will always fetch the latest optimized setup from the server whenever you press load.