Simulations 3k+ lower than 2~ days ago?

Tuesday night I simmed 21k multiple times using single simulation with a max of like 25k+. Today I am getting ~18k with a max of 21k - did you all change something?

I would need more information to help you. Start with what you are simulating? A link to the report will let us check it out.

Here is one simulation(old): this is one of the 21k ones.

here is the most recent that is not even close:

I think the data for the spells got updated, but the rotations did not, so Incanter’s Flow isn’t being applied. I adjusted how it works a little bit to line up better with logs, but I had to add it to the rotation to make it time up right. I’ll make sure the updated rotation gets up there tonight sometime and then it’ll be fine.

Hmmm, I’m still not reaching the 21k I hit that one day and in-fact I can outperform on everyfight what it says.

Yeah, I still have to get the fixed rotation on the live site - been doing work on all three mage specs and the change didn’t propagate through to all three. I’ll post it tonight.