Simulations don't make sense

FIrst I am using the updated sim (1239) and the current gear sim has a higher dps than the recommended best in bags which indicates a i.e., 5% increase in dps. When I run the simulation tab, the current mounted gear has i.e., dps of 65K and the best in bags simulations which was supposed to raise my dps by 5% sims at 60K. I have checked this on all my characters and get similar results each time: current gear sims higher than “best in bags” while best in bags is suppose to increase my dps from 3-7%. I don’t understand.

We would need a specific example to help you with this.

When looking at best in bags, use the “help” link above the gear table. The “create support post” button will generate a snapshot id that you can paste here so that we see what you are seeing.


While the best in bags does not increase iLvl, the current gear sims at 48.3 K dps, and the best in bags sims at 47.9 K dps, as an example. Once I get on other characters will do the same.

You are using a multi-target gearing strategy. This is based on the mythic+ script.

Your current gear:
59,179 DPS

Best in Bag suggested gear:
61,248 DPS

I think you might have been using single target simulations to compare the sets of gear?

Ty for the information. After re-reading the installation process for the update, I deleted ALL previous and current version and started from scratch. I also reinstalled “net”. After a bit of manipulation I was able to see different results than previously posted. All seems to being working correctly now. Thanks again.