Simulator: Barbed Shot implementation

I’ve found that in the current version of simulator Barbed Shot incorrectly doesn’t crit:

  • AMR simulator run: [1]
  • SimCraft run: [2], [3]
  • Random Warcraft Logs report: [4]

Also there are at least two more issues with DoT part of it:

  • no delay: the DoT should be applied only when the shot reaches target, but instead it is applied immediately
  • probably refresh rule should be Reset instead of Legacy, however I’m not sure about this one.

I tried to fix these things in my custom version of wiki [5], and it seems like it doesn’t change the damage too much. So these issues may be minor.

Another issue is with Aimed Shot, Wild Spirits and Serpentstalker’s Trickery lego interaction.

In the game, each Aimed Shot double procs Wild Spirits because the lego casts Serpent Stings as it was from a player. AMR doesn’t do the same.

For example, look at this log [1] at 00:00:06.045:

  • 00:00:06.045 - Diivv - Aimed Shot - Shriekwing - 8575
  • 00:00:06.060 - Diivv - Wild Spirits - Shriekwing - 1896 <-- proc from AiS
  • 00:00:06.165 - Diivv - Serpent Sting - Shriekwing - 573 <-- auto-cast from lego
  • 00:00:06.207 - Diivv - Wild Spirits - Shriekwing - 1895 <-- proc from SS

I’ll update it to crit in the simulator. Barbed Shot definitely does use a legacy refresh implementation, not reset.

I didn’t add in the projectile time on the DoT when I implemented it because it has zero impact on simulation results. The buff on your pet occurs on cast, and when looking to refresh barbed shot, all you care about is the buff on the pet, not the DoT. Adding a projectile time would give the same amount of damage, just shifted a fraction of a second later in the simulation, so I ignored it. I can update it to apply the DoT at the end of a projectile, but it won’t change anything.

I wonder if that wild spirits proc from serpentstalker is intended. I’ll add it in to the simulator.

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Sounds good! Thank you Swol.

I wonder if that wild spirits proc from serpentstalker is intended.

Yeah, currently it’s like SST has two bonuses, and it is just too good.