Simulator Broken

Mage is broken right now in the simulator.
It doesn’t show the Concordance of the Legionfall tree etc.


Perhaps you have the Version set to something old? Try setting it to Live, that should have the latest artifact data.

Hey, thanks for the quick response
I have the version set to live, it happens with every mage spec (other classes seem fine).
Even when I click ‘toggle all’ nothing happens, and when I click manually on a trait it sets all the traits to 0 and I’m unable to change anything after that.
I’ve tried on chrome & edge to make sure it was not my browser.


This is with default profiles.
EDIT: Actually, when setting the version manually to the concordance tree appears again, so it seems to be an issue with the current “live” version

Yeah try setting version to live, and then set a script and rotation – and do a simulation. Then reload the page, see if it shows the right tree using the Live version now.

There might be a little bug where it doesn’t reload the artifact tree when you change the version sometimes… I think doing the above should get around that and you should be good to go after that.

It seems to be working normally now.
Thank you!