Simulator bug on rune/+5 debuffs?

I’m simming my frost mage’s dps on a ranged target dummy. I start by choosing a cached best in bags setup and untick most of the buffs/consumables, including the augment rune and the +5 debuffs. After running the sim I see in the buffs tab full/almost full uptime on Battle-Scared Augmentation, Chaos Brand, Mystic touch. Applications are also in the aura event log. For comparison I’ve run the same with rune and +5 debuffs boxes ticked and I get almost the same DPS result. Seems like unticking the boxes for rune and +5 debuffs doesn’t work, it’s not just the log and buffs tab having wrong entries.

I’m not able to recreate this.

Here is a sim with full buffs:

And then one without an augment or mystic touch: