Simulator client immediately closes upon launch

This has been going on for awhile now, but I just gave up running simulations since it had been annoying. I’d like to run simulations again so hoping to get some help.

The client window immediately closes as soon as I launch the AMR application. I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. I even deleted the old one and just downloaded whatever the latest version is. It doesn’t show any errors, just opens and immediately closes. Sometimes the cursor will blink a few times, sometimes it doesn’t even have time to register on the screen.

Thoughts or suggestions?

What platform are you running it on? (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Also, is there a chance there is a bugged out sim sitting around in your queue? If you go here: and use the Clear Queue, then wait for a few minutes and start the client up again, does that help?

Unfortunately, clearing the queue did not work. Sorry I didn’t mention on original post, I am using Windows.

Usually an instant close like that would indicate a connection problem… has anything changed for you recently? A proxy server or anything like that? New firewall settings that would block certain domains?

No changes that I’m aware of, no.

I’m assuming you’re using the windows download instead of the any-platform download?

If it’s closing immediately upon opening, without showing any messages at all, that usually indicates that the first request to the server is failing before it has a chance to do anything… strange that it would start happening all of a sudden (we haven’t changed the main client code in quite a while).

I doubt it would make a difference but wouldn’t hurt to try: you could try downloading and following the instructions for the any-platform version of the client (which requires installing the .net core framework – it’s a pretty small download and won’t impact your computer negatively in any way).

I had been using the Windows download. I was able to check my history and the last time I was able to successfully run a simulation was on 12/16/18, not sure if any changes back then or not; not sure if that will help or not.

Couldn’t get the any-platform to run (got through the part where I installed the .net core framework and ran “dotnet amr.dll” in CMD but couldn’t get the AMR client to actually load - I’m sure I’m doing something wrong there).

In case this is useful, here’s what I see in the CMD window:

Is there a log file perhaps? There should be a sub folder under the AMR client folder called “logs” if so, with a json file in it. It should be at the top level, but sometimes there could be a “logs” folder under the versionXXX folder as well (where XXX is whatever the current client version is).

Sorry it takes me so long to reply! It’s been a busy few weeks at work :persevere:

I don’t have a logs folder, I actually don’t have any subfolders at all. The main folder, once it extracts from AskMrRobotClient-win-1152 is \AskMrRobotClient and in there is only the application, application extensions (all but 3 of the files are this type) and 2 JSON files.

It should create a couple subfolders when you run it for the first time, one called “cache”, another called “logs”, and another called “version1152” (or whatever the current version is, 1152 as of this post).

Hmm I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem then. Maybe it never gets that far, but I don’t have any subfolders at all :frowning:

I did try to re-download both the “win” and “any” version of 1152 to see if I’d have any better luck, and nothing so far.

If it’s stopping before it even makes the log folder… the program isn’t getting far at all before exiting… hard to say what the problem is. Do you have something set up such that it wouldn’t be able to modify or create files on your system? Otherwise I’m stumped as to why it would exit so early…

Bummer, I kinda figured it would be me since I didn’t see anyone else having similar issues. I can’t think of anything that would cause an issue like that, but I’ll see if I can figure out what might be causing that :frowning:

OK so I do have some good news! I just downloaded the latest version on a whim and decided to try something different. Instead of extracting to my desktop (as I have done before, even back when I had no problems opening the client), I extracted straight into my Downloads folder.

And I got in! So in case this comes up with someone else, maybe that will help them out? I think I had broken some sort of connection between the folders in the extracted files, I’m not sure. Hopefully that made some sense at least.

And a quick addendum: I think the issue is my Desktop, for some reason. If I leave the folder in Downloads where the compressed folder is, it works fine. If I try using it on the Desktop (even if I download straight to Desktop and extract there) it fails. So who know what’s going on there, but I’m happy because it’s working again!!

Interesting – my guess is that it is some kind of file permission issue… maybe programs don’t have the permission to either write/create files or folders in that location, or maybe the fact that desktop is an alias to another folder was giving it trouble… hard to say.