Simulator Client not working [Solved]

Windows 7 pro x64, Firewall off, AV off. AMR profile online says I have one client connected.

I’ve downloaded the simulations client, unzipped it, ran AMR.exe, updated to current version, logged in, chosen a mode, and it now is sitting with a message “Ready to simulate”.

I choose “Gearing strategy” from the website, enter my options, and choose simulate. It gives me the message about long calculation time and I accept. Then it tells me i need to download the client even though its on and running.

Any chance you are not logged into the same account on the client and the website?

I figured this one out. It cached my legion characters and was somehow “locked” on that character even though I was pasting the string from the in game addon. I cleared all my “recent” characters from the website and pasted my data from the game yet again.

Seems to be working, including the “best in bags” which was also broke. Not impressed with this new layout at all. I miss the old AMR

I’m guessing it was cached via my web client and clearing my cache locally probably would have solved the issue as well.

Same account, but good looking out. I had forgot to include that in the original post.

Sorry you don’t like the new layout. With every re-design there are always going to be some people who prefer the old design :frowning:

All of the design changes are in response to user feedback we gathered over Legion, and we’re still tweaking it as we get feedback on it. If you can give specific feedback on things that don’t feel smooth for you to use, we can try to improve it.