Simulator Client - Optimal number of Thread

Hi !

I’m doing some custom sims for MW just to give me some intel (not Glonet)
I’ve read the msg on the Glonet channel on discord that i’ve copied here.

If you want to max out a machine, start with GlobalNetworkThreads set to the number of threads on the machine

I’ve put 12 thread (I have a Ryzen 5 2600x). With this setup i’m staying at 70% CPU usage. I would like to push it a bit like at least 90%. I’ve tried 16 thread and 24 but it only put down the CPU usage to 60% ich.

Is it possible yet to push a bit more ?

Starting later today, we’ll be running the global network pretty continuously for the next 7-8 days, might be a couple hours of downtime here and there, but should be pretty constant unless we run into an issue with some of the data.
@Lepidopterist if you have any of those CPUs sitting around looking for some numbers to crunch, from today through to Nov 18th will be the best time to get them a workout!
a few notes for people running dedicated machines for simulation: 1. you configure everything through the settings.json file now, which you download from the same page as the simulator client.
if you want to max out a machine, start with GlobalNetworkThreads set to the number of threads on the machine (so 16 for a typical 8 physical core machine)
if that’s not getting you as high CPU utilization as you want, increase it by 8
sticking to multiples of 8 usually works best, so if you had a 10-core machine (20-threads) that you wanted to max, set it to 24
also, you probably want to use server GC mode for a computer dedicated to simulation. to turn that on, edit simclient.runtimeconfig.json and set System.GC.Server to true
(this is all in the simulator client manual on the forum, but this is the short version for people who are interested)
note that your changes to both of these configuration files will persist through simulator auto-updates, so set it once and you’re good to go

Did you try changing that System.GC.Server setting to true in the simclient.runtimeconfig.json file?

I… Didn’t will do !

Worked ! Now i’m at a study 100% of my CPU while beeing able to whatch a movie insane.

Awesome – yeah we default to setting that to false, to make the client more “friendly” to running along with other programs on your computer. Server mode really lets the client take over more of your computer’s resources – it uses a lot more memory in particular.

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This i a good settings i have to say.

Is the sim down? My client’s been trying to connect all morning, but no go.

Yeah, I guess it is down again. This server is having lots of issues, we’re trying to get through making the gearing strategies and then we’ll have to do some work to make it more stable. When our dev is awake he’ll get it going again.