Simulator Client Updated

We have upgraded the server that supports the simulator client program. Version 427 and later are using this new server.

If you are running version 426 or earlier, the site will not think it is connected when you try to simulate, or it might error and/or automatically disconnect. Simply close and restart your clients, and they will automatically update to version 427 (or higher) and reconnect.

Please let us know immediately if you run into any issues with this update to the client program.

Running into constant errors during sims in version 428.

What are the errors? Does it give any more information?

The simulator kept giving me the following error on both versions 427 and 428 when running a gearing strategy:

The specified item 8888894 could not be found.

I just tried new sims right now and it fails almost right away with:

The specified item -123451314 could not be found.

I think that error is fixed now – should not require a new client update or restart, just try your simulation again.