Simulator doesn't handle combinaison with unity and "normal" legendary

Heyo !

I tried to simulate where you i put the Unity legendary depending on what legendary i use

I supposed due to the limit of 1 legendary, the result shows only the “non-unity” ones:
Single - 3 covenants - Unity where ? - 2 lego - Report (

P.S: And also after doing 1 combinaison simulation (like 1k2 setups) i can’t restart one without closing and reopenning the client.

P.S2:HO =O I know why the belt i haven’t put another belt in the place of the current unity one so it can’t put two unity legendary !!!

Sorry T.T

Looks like the server process that monitors the client had an issue with the last update and didn’t restart itself. Close your clients and wait about 15 minutes, then the next time they connect it should be working again.

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