Simulator for talents and dps coming back?

I was curious if the simulator feature from the past will be coming back? I have become reliant on using the simulator to sim talents for each situation and being able to program fights based on what my needs are. It feels very uncomfortable for me to use a guide on icy veins of wowhead as the end all for my needs. I like the theoretical approach of using mathematical calculations based on predefined fights.

We probably won’t have the time to keep the simulator going.

The new talent trees made the possible build combinations explode. Simulation was too slow for us to create gearing strategies. Because of that, we moved to a mathematical model. You may have noticed that we now have more options in the optimizer such as fight length and target count, which can adjust the recommendations on the fly.

Soon, we have a talent comparison tool that will be available so that people can compare talents for a pre-generated set of data. The mathematical models allow us to generate the necessary data in a reasonable amount of time.

The simulator was cool and fun to use, but ultimately we were only able to justify all the time we spent maintaining it because we were using it to rank gear. Once it became impractical to rank gear with simulation, we had to shift our time/focus to something that can do what we need for gear optimization.