Simulator options

I’ve been trying to work out what to do with corruptions for my mage.
I’ve been told to just use Masterful but that’s just because, “that’s what everyone else is doing.”
The sims I’ve run indicate that isn’t the correct choice for Single Target but it isn’t bad for AoE, which makes sense.

I thought I’d just run a combo sim with the different +% masteries to see how it comes out but I rapidly exceed a sensible amount of combinations and my CPU is quite old.
Then I thought I could just use stat combinations, as that’s what these corruptions change. So I set it up with steps of 12% of each stat and gave it a min and max amount for each stat but the result will then need filtering to eliminate all of the combos which exceed the amount of stats I can have.

I looked at the Secondary Stat Total option but that only gives one combo.
How hard would it be to add a Maximum Stat Total option @yellowfive?

You can use the “ratio” stat mode to do this well enough – it’s tough to target precise values of mastery with it, but for your purposes, it will do what you want.

For example, this would try 90 combinations with different amounts of mastery and equal amounts of all other stats with ~ilvl475 totals of stats:


You may need to up the item level though, since corruption effects multiply your total stats quite a bit. Just increase it until the secondary stat total is about where you want it to be. (You can run only 1 or 2 combos to play with that until it is at the level you like.)

Then you can play with the ratio also to get more/less or smaller/bigger increments of mastery. You can also set the other stats into a different ratio. For example, if you multiply all those numbers by 10 (so 100 to 100 crit, 100 to 1000 mastery, etc.) it would do 900 different amounts of mastery instead of 90. In that case and the screenshot above, the most extreme setup will have 10x as much mastery as any other stat.

I wasn’t looking to always have mastery highest, currently my mage has significantly more crit than the other stats.
That’s nine times 12%, as that’s the highest ratio multiplier.

When I look at Corrupted Effects in the upgrade finder Crit always wins for ST and still ranks well for AoE, depending on what I set the AoE build up with varies the results, sometimes Crit still shows better for AoE.

I’m guessing I can just let it run and then download the CSV file and filter out the impossible ones in a spreadsheet but it would be nicer if I didn’t have to calculate the impossible ones.

If you just want to do corruption combinations, there is a corruption max option under the Gear tab for combination simulations. Then you could try combos of variants of items with the different corruption effects and it will automatically skip the ones that have too much corruption.

That was the option I went for initially but the number of combinations got out of hand quite quickly.
It’s only 1001 combinations as I’ve got it set up so I’ve just run it and I’ll filter it in a spreadsheet.

Note that the count will be much higher than the actual number of simulations run when you put a corruption max – it would be difficult with how it is currently written to estimate the number of runs that will be done before actually doing them with the corruption limit. It’s on my list of things to try and improve that.

I got the combo sim to work and then made a SS from the CSV file, there’s a lot of bonus information in there to remove!
Just out of interest what are the extra things in there?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do StrikeThrough like this so I’ll have to use the max corruption option in a different sim.

I’ve felt the need to do this as the Preserved Contaminant option only looks one ahead, I understand that the calculations to look further ahead would make it too slow, hence the combo sim.

This was one result, I turned the data into this spreadsheet.
I’ve run a few, I hope I added an extra dummy, correctly, to @Swol’s two dummy script but I haven’t had a chance to verify it yet. I know I got it wrong the first time.

The extra values were placeholders so that we could add stuff without making old csv files unreadable. As of now:

ExtraValue1: stamina for non-tanks (we didn’t track it at one point, but became useful with e.g. echoing void)
ExtraValue2: essence 1 (id multiplied by 1000 for rank 1, 1000000 for rank 2, 1000000000 for rank 3)
ExtraValue3: essence 2
ExtraValue4: essence 3
ExtraValue5: heart of azeroth level
Parameter1: not used
Parameter2: not used
Parameter3: essence 4
SetXXX: set bonus counts, we assign an ID to each set bonus… not really relevant now since they are mostly low-level gear. -210 is titanic empowerment, -206 is waycrest’s legacy

The other columns are for internal use and don’t really matter.

Every time a new expansion comes out, we refactor the columns in the csv files, so these will change with shadowlands.

I don’t think I’d have thought of that before it bit me on the arse!

I generated a lot of useless data to get what I wanted!

I should try and set it up via corruptions and see if it finishes faster with the corruption cap doing some elimination.