Simulator Question


I’m a newb to this but I have now officially signed up but I cant see how to run the simulator, I’m sure there used to be one.

Has this now been taken away?

Sorry, if I’m missing something very obvious.

Kind regards,


The simulator has been taken down for the time being. We are using a different method to rank gear, since simulation is too slow. Previously we made the simulator available to our users because we were maintaining it anyway for our own use. We are still deciding if the simulator will come back or not - it’s a lot of work to maintain.

I used to use something on AMR to figure out the specific spell ID for buffs/debuffs that were modified by abilities. Was this part of the simulator? As far as I know, it was one of, if not the only way to figure out these really obscure spell IDs! Sorely missed if so.