Simulator, stat weights question, compare sets, opinion

Hello I understand the simulator has been removed pending a decision (sucks entire reason why i subbed to amr since ~2016 and am unfortunately now considering raidbots) but has the stat weight graph also been removed?

There use to be a within 1% of optimal stat weights distribution graph you could see after doing best in bags. I see the change in stats now but I don’t see the distribution graph to check what other combos of stats are within 1%.

Im having a problem now where i want to pick a vault item and cant decide. I want to see what it would look like to keep my gloves not tier but change my pants to tier Instead of the recommended best in slot tool set keep the pants as is but change the gloves to tier.

I can’t compare two specific gears sets because that was within the simulator. I cant look at the stat weight 1% distribution because that’s now also gone or moved. I cant base my decision on the vault upgrade tool because its not considering the catalyst being used on current equipped gear.

Additionally I cant properly use the catalyst upgrade checker because its not a 1:1 starting item level comparison. You can check all max upgrades or same lvl as the item current, but what its still doing is a comparison of what you have now to that max # or same il #. That doesn’t work properly for the decision i’m trying to make because my current pants are 408 and gloves are 398. So to say from the 408-max catalyst or 408-408 is X% upgrade vs the 398-max catalyst or 398-398 is Y% upgrade doesn’t actually help me decide now because its not considering the first starting item level as =. It would need to be starting item max- catalyst max x% upgrade to actually use it to determine what’s the better upgrade to use catalyst between 2. How that would look specific to my query is if it were to show 415pants - 415 catalyst and 415 gloves - 415 catalyst to compare the starting item levels evenly at max lvl. That’s not an option currently.

Updating them sim would solve the problem and working on it would avoid additional work on new tools. Its the entire reason i ever wanted to use amr. The sim tool was easier to work with than simcraft. The sim was faster and more accurate than raidbots ( at the time). I did like the original legion era setup for sims better than that huge overhaul sim setup that happened late legion. So idk that’s a thing if maybe it was easier the old way to update it than the newer big overhaul way to keep the sims?

Just feels a little apple / iphone without it. Here we say this is the best way no questions. Mr. robot use to be an android ;0

We could potentially add a way for you to compare specific sets of gear (up to some extremely large number) in a future update. The new scoring functions are blazing fast - you could compare a million sets of gear in less than a second.

Simulation is too slow for dragonflight, so we can’t use it to create our scoring functions and do talent comparison (which is what we are working towards - beta soon!). If we can’t use the simulator to base our premium features on, it becomes a huge time sink for zero revenue. Have to pay those bills! If someone wants to pay me for a couple months of work, dm me and I’ll update that simulator for you! I love our simulator, but I don’t have enough time for that large a passion project right now :frowning: