Simulator Update Log


Assassination Rogue

  • Zoldyck Family Training Shackles needed an update. They don’t buff t19 mutilated flesh bleed. And, they do buff Kingsbane initial hits as well as Poison Bomb.

Fury Warrior

  • Fixed logic for Rampage in the rotation for characters with the ring that gives massacre.


(some of these updates were made in the past couple of days)

Engine of Eradication

  • Fixed a bug making it proc at 50% rate for Marksman and Beast Mastery hunters.

Mythic+ Healing Script

  • Tweaked the tank damage levels slightly after fixing a problem with the tank’s active mitigation not always being applied to the tank. You should see the same number of tank deaths as before.

Demonology Warlock

  • Improved the AoE rotation considerably to waste less soul shards and use more Hand of Gul’dan.
  • Adjusted the AoE on Legion Strike. It usually doesn’t hit every add due to its very small cone and inability to position pet optimally, so I added some randomness to number of targets hit to match logs better.

Assassination Rogue

  • Improved the Exsanguinate rotation substantially. I created a sub-rotation just for Exsanguinate for clarity.
  • Tweaked the rotation to hopefully fix a rare bug causing the simulation to fail on multi-target fights.


PTR 7.3 version is available in the simulator! Mechanics in, rotations aren’t updated. T21 is not implemented yet.

Tarnished Sentinel Medallion

  • Updated to make ticks scale with haste.

Frost Mage

  • Updated Chilled to the Core to only buff frost damage. (affects trinkets mainly)

Subtlety Rogue

  • Fixed a bug causing t20 4 piece to not give the energy gain.
  • Refactored the rotation to do more damage with certain item/talent combinations, and a little more damage in general.


Updated several tank trinkets that absorb damage to scale with Versatility and Healing Taken buffs.


  • Updated Runemaster’s Pauldrons to only trigger on direct casts of Metamorphosis, and give a full charge of Empowered Wards.
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Updated Infernal Cinders to have its damage reduced for Enhancement (70% of normal damage) and tanks (50% of normal damage).


Fire Mage

  • Fixed a bug with Marquee Bindings of the Sun King causing it to munch hot streaks.
  • Updated the rotation for slightly better use of trinkets, firestarter, and combustion initiation during cast.

Marksmanship Hunter

  • Fixed a bug with T20 2 piece bonus causing it to have too much uptime.
  • Fixed a bug with lock and load causing a charge to get munched if you gain it while casting aimed shot.
  • Updated rotation to maximize 2T20 uptime/damage after bug fix.


Updated crucible light/shadow powers based on blue post (testing still needed!):

Arcane Mage

  • Tweaked the rotation for some better damage in AoE
  • Updated Time and Space to reflect the behavior in game more closely.


Updated specs with passive buffs mentioned in this thread:

Made some tweak to netherlight crucible traits based on in-game testing.


Unholy Death Knight

  • Updated shadow crucible traits to do 30% less base damage, per some in-game testing.


Updated Infusion of Light to have shared proc rate between damage/heal proc.


Marksmanship Hunter

  • Updated Quickshot artifact trait. (It was reducing cooldown too much at higher than 3 ranks.)

Windwalker Monk

  • Updated Split Personality trait. (It was reducing cooldown too much at higher than 4 ranks.)

Made some enhancements that speed up healer simulations by up to 25% in many cases.



I should start keeping this up to date again…

I updated the simulator with the upcoming Dec 5 changes announced today.

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Added upcoming Jan 9th changes to Assassination and Balance


  • Wax and Wane reduced to 6% per stack
  • Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike buffed by 8%


  • Mutilate buffed by 20%
  • Balanced Blades increased to 4% per rank
  • Poison Knives reduced to 3% per rank
  • Deadly Poison Application buffed by 15%


  • Improved the rotation, especially for T21 and AoE.


Death Knight

Fixed a reporting issue that was showing more rune regeneration was wasted than actually was. This has no impact on the simulation, only reporting.


Outlaw Rogue

  • Combat Potency appears to be normalized to weapon speed again - updated simulator accordingly.
  • Fixed small issue with T21 4pc buffs getting munched on a Roll the Bones cast.

(Changes will be posted later today, not at time of this post, because the fire mage change requires a code update as well as a metadata update.)

Frost DK

  • Made Freezing Death proc Crystalline Swords
  • Fixed minor issue with Razorice procs not going before other procs sometimes, like Avalanche.
  • Tweaked rotation for Shattered Strikes


  • Fixed Ghoul’s Energy gain from Death Coil and adjusted Ghoul’s base regen accordingly. The net change on simulations is going to be negligible. Testing and comparing to logs indicates that Ghoul base energy regen is more than 10/second. It is probably 12-13. We are using 13 for now, since that seems to match logs pretty well.


  • Changed Chaotic Onslaught to be able to proc off itself.
  • Added a “Pick up Soul Fragment” spell to give the rotation control over when to pick up soul fragments.
  • Tweaked the rotation to waste less Fury from Blind Fury.
  • Updated rotation with Pick up Soul Fragment spell for Demonic Appetite builds. Removed Fel Rush from these builds to avoid unrealistic situations, since moving a lot will often cause you to automatically pick up the fragments in-game.

Frost Mage

  • Mastery was not affecting Water Jet in the simulator.
  • Waterbolt and Mirror Image Frostbolt were benefiting from some player damage multipliers that they shouldn’t have benefited from.
  • Spellbourne should only affect Frost damage. This change will only affect value of some damage proc trinkets and NLC traits.
  • Glacial Eruption was not benefiting from Chilled to the Core.
  • Updated T21 4pc to always affect splitting ice cleave as well.
  • Fixed logic flaw in rotation that prevented Water Jet cast with Glacial Spike talent.
  • Improved Rune of Power rotation logic with Glacial Spike.
  • Improved Ray of Frost use (lol).

Fire Mage

  • Capped missile travel time at 0.75s. This makes a substantial effect on rotation and DPS.
  • Rotation updated/simplified and generally improved for most talent builds. About 2% DPS increase.

Arcane Mage

  • Ancient Power updated to affect only Arcane damage. This will affect value of NLC procs and some trinkets.

Posted an update with a few minor code updates to the simulator to support some of the changes in the previous post, as well as a couple other spell mechanic features.


Feral Druid

  • Fixed bug causing Ferocious Bite with Apex Predator to not proc Soul of the Forest Energy gain.


Windwalker Monk

  • Improved rotation, especially for Serenity with T21. Significantly simplified the rotation.
  • Fixed bug with Gale Burst adding too much damage to Touch of Death with SEF up.

Outlaw Rogue

  • Improved Slice and Dice usage in rotation.