Simulator Update Log

This is a running thread of updates as I make them to the simulator mechanics and rotations.


Brewmaster Monk

  • Blackout Strike was not triggering a GCD.
  • Updated rotation for better use of Blackout Combo

Beast Mastery Hunter

  • Updated attack power coefficient of Sneaky Snakes to 25%, based on log data.
  • Added internal cooldown of 5 seconds to Deathstrike Venom proc chance.
  • Pack Leader trait is actually 3% per point, not 5% as spell data indicates.
  • Fixed Spiked Collar attack speed bonus.
  • Updated rotation for better Dire Frenzy and Killer Cobra use.


  • Tarnished Sentinel Medallion damage reduced by 15%.
  • Feverish Carapace damage reflection increased 200%.
  • The Great Storm’s Eye damage bonus reduced to 4% for Bladestorm.
  • Recompiled Guardian Module heal increased by 30%, shield increased by 20%.
  • The Deceiver’s Grand Design healing and shield reduced by 10%.
  • Barbaric Mindslaver healing increased by 20%. I adjusted the proc rate to be more in line with logs, but I’m still looking for testing/confirmation on how it works.
  • Tome of Unraveling Insanity damage increased by 10%.
  • Sea Star of the Depthmother healing increased by 70%.

Feral Druid

  • Updated T20 4pc bonus to also buff Ashamane’s Bite.

Survival Hunter

  • The 20% passive was baked into the spells it affects, and then the passive was changed to a 3% buff, per the hotfix tuning notes.
  • The 3% passive buff now also applies to all attacks, instead of just specific spells, including your pet.

Arcane Mage

  • The damage passive now affects Arcane Assault, Mark of Aluneth, and Mirror Image Arcane Blast.

Elemental Shaman

  • Added a 3% Pet Damage Multiplier to the passive as well.
  • Earth Shock damage increased to 1150% SP, up from 1100%.

Feral Druid

  • Main damage increased to 140% AP, up from 115%.

Arms Warrior

  • Fixed a bug with Execute, which was making it not consume enough rage to do extra damage.

Unholy Death Knight

  • Fixed Cold Heart to work in the rotation and also be affected by Mastery, since it is Shadowfrost damage.

Frost Death Knight

  • Added Frost Death Knight spec passive 3% damage increase.
  • Updated Thronebreaker Crystalline Sword damage to 150% AP.

Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Flipped t20 2 and 4 piece bonuses.
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Elemental Shaman

  • Updated the rotation to use Earth Shock during Ascendance now that it is a slight DPS gain.
  • Updated the rotation to use Earth Shock at slightly lower maelstrom with you have Deceiver’s Blood Pact and Aftershock.
    These updates are mainly for better support of the “gambler” build that is becoming popular.
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Frost Mage

  • Updated Comet Storm damage to not split on multiple targets.
  • Updated Ice Nine proc rate to 15% (from 20%).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Brain Freeze proc protection to chain on itself in rare cases.
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Implemented changes announced for 6/27 in this post:

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Frost Mage
Added the change to Glacial Spike posted here:

Guardian Druid

  • Implemented Ysera’s Gift.

Restoration Shaman

  • Implemented Roots of Shaladrassil healing.


Feral Druid

  • Convergence of Fates was not reducing the cooldown of Incarnation, King of the Jungle.

Subtlety Rogue

  • Goremaw’s Bite wasn’t giving an extra combo point during Shadow Blades.
  • Changed implementation of Shadow Blades to track combo point gains from SB separately from the abilities, for reporting purposes.

Assassination Rogue

  • Made Toxic Blade’s damage benefit from mastery.
  • Adjusted Kingsbane such that the initial MH and OH hit stack the buff to the DoT.
  • Deadly Poison direct damage does not benefit from the Assassination Rogue passive buff or Vendetta.

Holy Priest

  • Added direct heals from trinkets to whitelist for mastery: echo of light.


Enhancement Shaman

  • Fixed a bug with Smoldering Heart causing it not to proc.

Subtlety Rogue

  • Tweaked opener in rotation for Dark Shadow + DFA: Added a Goremaw’s Bite use after Nightblade so that the first Shadow Dance could be used at the end of a DFA.


Frost Mage

  • Fixed a bug with Glacial Spike’s cleave from Splitting Ice.


Assassination Rogue

  • Toxic Blade was not triggering a GCD.
  • Tweaked the rotation to get a little more damage with of Mantle of the Master Assassin and to also use Toxic Blade slightly better.


Arcane Mage

  • Updated the rotation to make better use of Tier 20.
  • Made some general improvements to the rotation for better use of Mark of Aluneth.


Frost Death Knight

  • Tweaked rotation to do slightly more damage with Breath of Sindragosa.

Unholy Death Knight

  • Updated Dragged to Helheim damage based on log data.
  • Updated Ghoul/Sludge Belcher energy regen based on log data. Logs show many more special attacks than base pet energy regen would suggest, so for now I bumped up the pet regen to more closely match logs.


Survival Hunter

  • Aspect of the Skylord was not affecting pets.
  • Mok’Nathal Tactics increases Ranged Attack Power by 5% per stack. Added an adjustments for spells that use ranged attack power instead of attack power.
  • Spitting Cobra also double dips on the 35/36 point artifact passive damage bonuses.
  • Spitting Cobra also double dips on haste, but, it has weird delays between casts in combat logs. The current implementation will end up with a few less casts on average, but so far I have not found a reliable way to predict how it will behave in-game.
  • Tweaked the rotation to more aggressively keep Mok’Nathal Tactics up, specifically when you are about to use Fury of the Eagle.

Beast Mastery Hunter

  • Hati’s AP updated to 100% of master (was previously 115%).
  • T19 4P was not buffing Titan’s Thunder damage.

Demonlogy Warlock

  • Sin’dorei Spite was proc’ing too often when you also had Wilfred’s equipped.

Shadow Priest

  • The pre-release T20 set bonus that buffed Shadowfiend/Mindbender damage was hanging around. Deleted that.
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Affliction Warlock

  • Fixed Tormented Soul generation at start of fight - it now gives the first 4 souls quickly, as per logs.
  • Updated Corruption and Agony spell power coefficient - they were a tad too low.
  • Tweaked the rotation for Malefic Grasp to play more like players in logs - mainly aiming for 3 UAs where possible. DPS gain is minimal, but results look more like logs for comparison purposes.
  • Fixed a rounding issue with Drain Soul causing some extra partial ticks.

Fury Warrior

  • There is an extra 30% hidden passive damage bonus to Execute that wasn’t included.



  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Focus would be enabled with the new legendary ring sometimes.
  • Updated rotations to make better use of the ToS on-use trinkets.


  • Updated rotation with better use of Mantle of the Master Assassin.


  • Updated rotation with better use of Mantle of the Master Assassin and more optimal Death From Above use.
  • Added openers for a few situations that benefit from specific openers.


Implemented the changes announced for 7/25 maintenance:


Enhancement Shaman

  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t making Windstrike immediately available upon gaining Ascendant form.
  • Improved the rotation for use with 2T20.

Assassination Rogue

  • Venomous Wounds was not refunding the energy from remaining Rupture time on NPC death.


Added mythic+ healing script and rotations for all healing specs! This script is essentially the Moroes fight from Lower Kara. The default length is 150 seconds. Damage ramps up fast from the Garrotes stacking on players, so increasing the fight length will result in allies dying and your mana disappearing. Use responsibly! It is tuned such that the mythic+ setting will give fairly realistic damage levels, based on some log sampling.

Added “Damage Reduction” ally healer action type for boss scripts. This allows you to script a tank’s active mitigation. I found this necessary for the mythic+ script, since healers really rely on tanks to take care of themselves to a large degree.

Restoration Druid

  • Regrowth’s HoT was gaining bonus from Moment of Clarity even without the talent.

Holy Priest

  • Binding Heal wasn’t always healing “self” when cast. Split it into three heals on the report: Target, Splash, Self.
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  • Re-tested Hidden Satyr and Distant Army enchants in-game and updated the damage formulas.
    ####Retribution Paladin
  • Fixed a bug with 4T20 set bonus, was applying both the live and PTR version of it.