Simulator's CanAoe() vs. TargetsInRadius()

There used to a reference manual for built in simulator functions but I can’t find it any more. Sorry if it’s somewhere obvious.

Anyway, I noticed the Blood Death Knight default action list calls two similar sounding functions for its Blood Boil step - CanAoe(2,8) and TargetsInRadius(BloodBoil) >= 2.

Could someone please tell me what the difference is between these conditions? (btw if the second argument to CanAoe is range, I think Blood Boil is 10 yards vs. 8 yards)

CanAoe checks if there is any aoe with the specified number of targets within the specified radius at any time in the entire fight.

TargetsInRadius checks how many targets are in the radius of that spell right now.

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Also, if you go to edit a formula or condition anywhere in the wiki (e.g. edit the condition on an action in a rotation), as you type, it will show you available functions and descriptions of those functions. The old reference was more or less just a copy of these descriptions.

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