Sin Rogue 3xSS Exsanguinate Build


I’ve been using AMR for 2 years now over raidbots since it’s easier to use and allows for more options. Usually, AMR and Raidbots give very similar results, but with this new high haste (expedient r3 stacking) assassination build that involves stacking 3x Shrouded Suffocation traits and running exsanguinate instead of toxic blade, AMR has been giving results that are quite different and seems to sim this build quite differently and to give lower DPS. When I actually tested it, Raidbots’ results are more accurate. I hope this can be checked and fixed cause I’d like to keep using AMR!

To clarify - are you seeing a difference with actual simulations, or is this a difference in gear the optimizer picks?

We are seeing a number of niche builds becoming popular now that people can get extreme levels of stats, so we’ve been making tweaks here and there to accommodate those builds as they are brought to our attention.

The difference is between the AMR Best in Bags optimizer and the Raidbots simulator. The optimizer picks different traits and items and these sim much lower in raidbots.

The BiB optimiser isn’t using a target dummy like SimC (that’s what Raidbots is using) does, how does it simulate with the AMR simulator?

Having said that I’ve been trying to push BiB towards the Exsanguinate haste build with three Shrouded Suffocation and I’ve not had much luck with getting it to work. I’ve also not had enough time to run some sims to see how good it is.
I’ve been told that using Crimson Tempest for ST is worth it, but that involves modifying the APL and I keep breaking it. :frowning:

It would be mush appreciated if you can look into it @Swol. :slight_smile:

Edit. Actually I did do a large combo sim and Twisted Appendage still came out better @elbrince, not sure if our gear is similar enough or not for this to be meaningful though.
I have been getting smashed by another rogue in alt heroic raids, he’s better geared but the margin is large. Part of that is me not playing this build well enough.

I can take a look at it today. We should be able to get the optimizer to pick the traits/stats that you want to use for this build - if you could post a snapshot id @elbrince, that would be the most helpful.

It is hard to get the optimizer to pick builds that rely on the +% stat corruption effects to get to very high levels of a stat by default. We should be able to make it work with the customize tools though.

I’ve got the option of Shrouded Suffocation in each slot, if I ask it to give me three it chooses a 460 hat over the 475.
I’ve got two haste corruptions in my bag but I’ve not had the time to work this out.

Edit. Me getting my arse kicked, I hadn’t forced three Shrouded Suffocation yet as it wasn’t simulating better, but that gives you a log to look at.

The difference between the two helmets is actually surprisingly small, so I can see how a custom rule set could potentially make it hard to tell between the two. I’d go ahead and lock in the helmet.

As far as what the optimizer is picking for gear in this build… I checked the simulations and made sure that the rotation is being executed the same way good player are playing. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the simulation results.

You can do a lot of damage (especially on short fights) by stacking tons of haste/expedient and doing insane burst at the start of the fight with 3x shrouded and exsang followed by another vanish garrote when that one ticks down. But, on any fight that isn’t pretty short, the suggestions we offer by default are going to result in more damage.

For people who do want to build for this style, forcing 3x shrouded suffocation and increasing the value on expedient corruption effects should produce the desired results for gear choices. Once the optimizer is forced to use items with expedient on them, haste will end up being favored more anyway.

@elbrince If you want to post your snapshot id, I can help you set up the optimizer for your particular case.

I think this is the relevant part for me, all of the fights I did with that rogue were heroic alt runs he was bringing a main to. With the group I’ve been trying Mythic with the kill times are short, or not at all, so it wasn’t working very well for me.
@elbrince did you look into this any further?