Single Target Heal - Kael'thas rotation

Hello !

I’m trying to work on a script for Kael’thas. The idea is just to put some numbers behind the choice some classes made to burst heal in Mythic.

I’m trying to get a dmg pattern like : If the tank have more than 90% hp a dmg will hit him for the current health percent the tank has, minus 10% (so it never dies).

May i ask why i can’t seems to find a way to be able to use soothing mist and cast instant vivify + envelopping mist ?

So i have those two things :
[The script]( Single Target Heal - Boss - Ask Mr. Robot)

The rotation

[The simulation]( Simulation - Report (

Soothing mist is implemented as a HoT, to allow casting certain spells while “channeling” it. You would want to change your rotation to cast soothing mist only if you CanRefreshHoT(SoothingMist). And then put enveloping mist and vivify higher in the rotation. Add a condition to those spells like: HasHoT(SoothingMist).

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It has worked indeed ! =D

Gonna add innervate and Power Infusion now Thank you =D