Single-target or multi-target strategy for Tyrannical M+ weeks?

It was not easy to find good answers to this question, especially answers backed by some data, so I’d like to know what AMR’s data would recommend: Single-target or multi-target strategy for Tyrannical M+ weeks when bosses have 30% more HP and their minions inflict up to 15% extra damage?

It will be a bit dependent on your group, but for a typical group I would go with single target. If you are still rounding up huge packs for trash and having high multi-target damage makes up for the extra time on the bosses… you could stick with multi-target.

If you do high enough keys, you might need the single target damage to be able to beat the bosses.

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Thank you, Swol. This makes sense and it does match what other sources suggest, that it will largely be group-, pull size-, other suffixes-, and key level-dependent.

It does seem that maybe a balanced setup between single and multi-target, if that is achievable for the specialization and class, perhaps leaning toward single target when a balance is sub-optimal, may be the safest bet in pick-up groups, as I’ve seen many, many more wipes against bosses in Tyrannical weeks than wipes against trash in PuGs.