Single-target Trait damage

So every time I’m trying to check what’s best in my bags to optimize my build, it keeps telling me to go Unbound Chaos. I get that this trait has very good AoE, but I’m not looking for AoE. I’m looking for single target, and in single-target there are 3 major traits that are just a lot better than the rest; Thunderous Blast, Dagger in the back and Revolving Blades. So why does it keep telling me “hey, hey, use this shit trait. It’s good, I promise”.
And this is when I check for single-target, by the way. Pick Gearing Strategy -> Single Target. I could understand it if I f’ed up somewhere and checked for multi-target, but I’m not. Even using simple maths, you get that Unbound Chaos is really shit single-target. +2691 Chaos damage every 10 secs = 269.1 DPS.
Dagger in the Back is 1166 Physical damage that stacks up 4 times for 12 seconds. 1166 * 4 / 12 = 388.6 DPS. Revolving blades gives you less damage, but more Fury to spam Chaos strike and annihilation to make up for the damage. Thunderous Blast deals 1183 Nature Damage and increases its damage by 20% every time it hits. 1183 + 1419.6 + 1656.2 + 1892.8 + 2129.4 + 4732 = 13013 damage every 60 seconds on baseline (with 0% increased haste). That makes 216.883 DPS, and that’s easily a lot higher with haste, which is Havoc DH’s main stat, part from Agility.

So overall, single-target, Unbound Chaos is definitely not the best trait. So why does it keep telling me it is?

$63;EU;Tarren Mill;Neebenitafan;;1;2;120;19;13:100,15:800,12:59,8:150,2:150;1;.s1;4;1311211;.s2;5;2131331;.q1;153685s11b3376b1551x154126e5941;470s7b-3231;3762s9b-164b3254b16b1x-418;30s3b-3271b3608a280380a-13443;128s2b-3632b3421b4b3;289s1b-3424b3274b33a12644a-15597;761s14;164s15b-3302b3262b4;25s5b-3271b3274b33a16300a-385;19s6b-3292b3251b6;4s10b-3272b3267b7;10s8b-3259b3252b5b18x420;111s12b-3290b3267b7e-3;159s13b-3274b3267b7;1363s17b-3264b3263b18e24;2897s16b-3261b3241b342e1;.q2;154155s7b1696;3723s5b-179b3268a273236a-4640;39s9b-3253b3254b16b1x153708;60s1b-3286b3268a9905a-9902;98s2b-3277b3421b4b3;85s11b-3414b3263b18e5938;965s14;164s15b-3286b3262b4;10s3b-3271b3274b33a6751;34s6b-3292b3251b6;4s10b-3272b3267b7;10s8b-3259b3252b5b18x420;111s12b-3290b3267b7;159s13b-3274b3267b7;1363s17b-3264b3263b18;2897s16b-3261b3241b342e25;.inv;2459;4489;359;3984;6429;1502;1878;57;58;310;9284;1697;786;776;0;18;1;247;164;9983;141;416;4677;21208;160;1905;13155;0;0;1073;183;1713;3568;548;5487;0;2814;934;1823;44;4746;42;17;450;14;961;49;2;776;4076;344;608;2;3;3;225;1358;93;1;555;1;4;1512;773;3154;14;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;2;0;0;0;0;1;1;4;3;0;313;2;230;3160b719b770b1b5x147084y-8858z3294p1483p2045p34q-2066q2032q45r-2058r1822r236;5;2;4;4;0;0;0;6;465;58;395;64b-774b767b1b7x9491y-17243z7058p-2021p1784p61q-1895q2026q45r-2091r1854r181;170;1;273;471;317;839;0;0;0;1;1;839;1;427;272b315b1644x-10607e5437;8b-1644b1644x0e-7;1118;0;3;6;28;96;1;12;241;19b-1644b1718b1;2366;311;322b-2028b2026b45;39b-114b71;8b-1719b1718b1;16b-1719b1819x28e-3;23b-171b171;29b-1819b1819;552;87;406;313;31;7;2;239;2;48;98;92;395;826;4;301;94;0;0;0;0;0;426;1;1;1;1;9;420;159;47;218;455;1;35;2;1179;307;410b-1819b1759;20b-1759b1759;86;7;2297b-1759b1719x-28y0z0;88;164;1;1;270b-2047b2045b34;162;96;52;50;154;161;3323;72;303;1;1;71b-103b111;456;1;350;66;1;28;1;34;1;2;47b-1759b1819;5;37;331;22;29;1;649;3;417;3;1;40;1;1;1;555;48;26;1;5;1;80;14;1;1;702;2;5;1;26;2243b-2113b3268a273236a-4640;99b-3268b3268a9905a-9902;175b-3253b3251b20e512;8b-3281b3263b18e-1;1b-3276b3256b20;26;1;22;109b-3286b3262b4;426;26;19;49;20;1;1;18;420b-3271b3274b33a6751a-3810;25b-3307b3267b7;12b-3259b3252b5;4b-3267b3262b4;416;71;132;94;6;239;181;256;4;314;1407;53;2;42;14;9;1;455;0;568;113;1$

I suspect you’ll find the difference is very close, also remember that it’s giving advice and you can choose to take it or not.

Also keep in mind the timeline they posted about, you can read it here.
Hopefully you understand that there’s no point in doing weeks worth of simulating before Blizzard finish doing the rebalancing.
That means that the current recommendations are not adaptive like they were at the end of last expansion, when it was so accurate that doing extra sims was, mostly, pointless.

If you want it to give you super accurate advice before the balancing changes happen you could make your own gearing strategy. Keep in mind that it will be accurate for the talents you run it with, so if you use different talents, say for dungeons vs raids, you’ll want to run two of them.
Remember that all of that will need updating when the balance changes go through. :wink:

Your napkin math on those traits is not correct.

You aren’t going to have a 4 stack of dagger in the back all the time. The damage of Revolving Blades and Unbound Chaos will be pretty close against a single target.