Siphoner corruption values are incorrect

Siphoner with 8% leech is listed as my best corruption per 20 corruption value as it has only 20 corruption value according to the “find upgrades” feature. This is not true, it is 45, and all other “Siphoner” corruption specific values are wrong, too. Please check and fix.
Thank you for all your work and effort!!

I can change those – most of the corruption effects have an explicit corruption amount tied to the corruption effect in blizzard’s bonus ID data. But a few of them like Siphoner, the corruption effect and amount are separate and we have to just guess at which bonus IDs they’ll use to give the corruption.

I was assuming all the basic stat corruption effects would be 10/15/20, but they have different values for Avoidant and Siphoner. We’ll change that in the next update.

Note that any gear you have imported from the addon would have the correct corruption amount on it – this will only impact the upgrade finder ranking per corruption for those 2 effects.

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