Site Update February 16th

We posted an update today with several tweaks and fixes, and over the past couple days we also had several small updates. Here are some of the highlights:

Exclude Minor Essence

New feature! You can now exclude specific minor essences when optimizing. It works the same way as excluding specific items.

WoW Classic Fixes

We fixed several small issues, the highlights:

  • off-hand weapon enchant list should show properly now, before was showing the shield enchant list
  • spell power was not being passed through for retribution and enhancement, fixed
  • parry is now properly ignored for feral druid tanks
  • the stats on a few items did not get parsed correctly, e.g. certain shields with extra block value

We have several other tweaks, fixes, and updated features based on feedback that we are still working on – stay tuned for more updates over the course of this week!

I’m guessing the minor essence exclusion code is what’s broken changing essences in Step 3 of the simulate setup.

I’ve been meaning to ask if it’s possible for you to import the essence and talents from the BiB/BiS setup page instead of what was in the last import from the game?

Yeah that’s how it works now – imports talents/essences from your setup.

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Posted another update with several bug fixes to live and classic.

  • picking essences on simulator should work again!
  • fixed a few issues with two-hand vs. dual-wield options and enchants for classic fury and hunters

And a few others, but those were the major ones this time around.