Skull of Gul'dan Timewalking Black Temple

Has the rankings been updated for the new Timewalking Black Temple loot?
I was lucky enought to get a titanforged Skull of Gul’dan, but the tooltip is way off and (over 100k haste for 20s) and it doesn’t seem to rank properly compared to other trinkets.

We’re going to add rankings for the black temple gear in the next update – this week sometime.

Any ETA on this? Still not properly ranked.

I did add them to the simulator and gear lists… we’re working on rolling out the “version 3” gear rankings which will rank them.

In the meantime, you could use a custom strategy to rank them – those will pick them up.

No idea how to rank a trinket as I just play around on the website. Guess I’ll just wait until you’ve ranked it :slight_smile: