Slightly odd BiB

Just wanted to show i got a weird suggestion by Bib. Not sure if its usermistake but it seems odd.

Can you give me some more detail? Which setup are you looking at? (Wind, brew, or mist?) And, what looks weird to you? I see a big +25% on wind, but that’s because you don’t have a helmet on in the original setup.

on brewmaster i was getting a 6% increase in score without any change at all. Problem is i cant reproduce since it got fixed by itself next time i imported.

When I looked at that snapshot, 4 items were missing enchantments on your brew setup - I assume the score increase was from adding the enchants onto your gear. The score change did seem pretty high for just those enchants…

Let me know if you see something weird again and we’ll look into it.

Its not the monk thing but another really weird bib case for Arms warrior. I look up bib and it shows me 807b030795b74212a6a3ed1ba86a7da5
and says its 2% upgrade.
When i load that in and check amr again it then says i need to change gear again
and says thats also 2% upgrade.
I do it once more and i get
where it also says i should change something for a 0.6% upgrade. Why cant Bib decide and stick to something ?

Also wanna point out that enchants are very weird on arms, its sometimes showing 10 haste less ring enchant as 2% less and it keeps swapping gems in neck.

If you provide the optimizer with a different starting point, sometimes it will find slightly different solutions. All of the suggested solutions are very close. Some of the settings, especially the Gem+Enchant threshold, can make it find slightly different results.

It doesn’t really matter which of those three snapshots you use and then do what it says: you’ll get a result that performs almost identically in-game. If you actually make all of the gem and enchant changes, then it won’t recommend that you keep changing things. If you only swap the items… then maybe it finds a slightly different solution starting from that different combo.

People generally underestimate the vast number of combinations available once you factor in gear+gems+enchants. It is not possible to examine all of them in a time and cost efficient manner. We use combination optimization algorithms and techniques to quickly locate a solution that is guaranteed to be close, if not the, theoretical optimal solution.

If you want an absolute guarantee… well, instead of waiting for a second or two, you’d have to wait several minutes. And that’s every single time you change a setting and press optimize. And you’d have to pay an order of magnitude more for this tediously slow version of the optimizer… that would find a result that is such a tiny difference it doesn’t matter. We would consider that a waste of both your time and money, and not very fun to use.

I do get what you mean and i understand what you’re saying. But if its only a problem on 1 spec out of all of them something must be happening right? Like it refuses to ever settle on something and it keeps on having those weird enchant values where it says a writ of crit is 0.15% better then the devotion is 1.25% worse. I get that these are low values but they’re high enough that the optimizer keeps wanting to change them everytime i do a import. Should i just start locking items in so it stops swapping around everytime?

I’ll take a look again… maybe there’s some weird threshold it is crossing with how the scoring function is written.

Could you give me a new snapshot with an example of this, or just a snapshot with the same talents you had when this happened? Due to the 10.2.5 patch talent changes, talents won’t load from snapshots made before the patch.

Of course, this is the current snapshot, havn’t really been on it since patch though. 3176028b3df04af7bc2dba366fb2b46c